Video Switching

Do you have an event where you need a camera on the person at the podium, another camera that covers the whole stage, another one for audience reactions or questions? Do you need to play video clips as part of the presentation, display photos, bring up websites live or perhaps bring in a guest speaker via Skype? Do you need to display that presentation at a big venue on multiple screens? Do you want to stream it live as well? Not a problem. 

We can set up multiple cameras. Fixed on sticks for a headshot of the person at the podium, multiple pan/tilt/zoom cameras, cameras  that can move smoothly around the venue and wirelessly transmit back to us and live to screen. 

We can take all your clips, stills, list of websites etc. and bring that all up for you on demand or follow a pre-set script. 


Our big screens have been setup behind podiums so really big audiences can see the speaker and the material. Multiple screens can also be fed if there are people in different parts of a venue. Are there people that need to see the event that are out of town, out of state or across the world. No problem, we can stream it live too. 

Need a copy of the whole thing? No problem, we can record the presentation as it was switched to screen or all the individual cameras and give you that.