Video Streaming

Take your event LIVE! Public Meetings, Corporate Events, Festivals, etc. Whether your audience is local, regional or worldwide, today it’s easy to reach them all at home, another office on even on their mobile device. 1824 Productions is ready to stream your event with multiple cameras, lower thirds, integrated “powerpoint” material from your presentation. We can send clips or stills out to your social media accounts during the event to attract a larger audience and get you more “likes” and “follows”.

We can use fixed cameras on sticks for talking head shots, PTZ cameras to capture audience members asking questions, rock steady gimbal shots on wireless live cameras moving through your event and even a camera on a wire that moves above your event. We can push all that great video to multiple screens at your event. Want participation from your worldwide audience? We can create a social media wall at your event for your event audience to see what people are asking and having your speaker respond. Talk to us today and tell us what you have in mind. You bring the talent, we will bring the tech.