Indoor Movie Screenings

58″x104″ on a rain or shine event that ended up indoors at the last minute.

As Summer turns to Fall, it’s time to think about moving things indoors. Indoors, we regularly use 2 screen sizes; 58″ x 104″ and 16′ x 9′ depending on what’s right for your venue. Of course if we are talking about a gymnasium, we can also use our 24’x13′ or maybe even our 40’x22′. We use our QSC subs and speakers that you are already familiar with from seeing/hearing us outside. We bring 2 subs and 8 line array speakers ground stacked on the subs for smaller events or we can put them up on our stands if room allows. 

Currently, we are using a Christie 15,000 lumen projector. We have to turn 2 of the 4 bulbs off so it’s not too bright. What that also means is that we can deal with ambient light issues and start movies pretty much anytime we get setup. Outdoors, we have to wait for sunset. That’s not an issue inside. This opens up the possibility of doing double-features, triple-features or all night movie marathons. 

When you combine the screen sizes, quality of audio and picture you get a real movie experience at your venue. 

1824 Productions makes the process of setting up and executing a movie program easy. We can assist with movie licensing through Swank or Criterion and offer advice on appropriate movie titles for your event/audience. We will revue your venue to see if there are any logistical issues to work through – to date there hasn’t been a venue we couldn’t work with. We can connect to power through several hookup methods. On the day of the screening, we arrive several hours earlier than necessary, set everything up, run the screening, then take everything down and leave. You are free to welcome your guests and enjoy the evening. Let our experience make your job easy.

Whether you are a Church, Municipality, High School/MS/PTA/PTO, Corporation, Country Club/Golf Course, Resort, Winery, Camp, …. etc. we can bring our 8 years and hundreds of screenings experience to your indoor movie event or series.